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Hi, my name is Courtney Masterson and my friends call me the party girl because I love to plan parties. I've always liked to plan parties and have friends come over to enjoy the fun. My friends are also continually asking me for advice when they plan their own parties. Since I like a lot of variety, I am always researching and thinking up new party themes. I make my own party decorations and plan my own menu for the festivities. If you like planning parties too, please read my blog so you can learn hundreds of tips and tricks for fun and exciting party planning for numerous events.


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Host An Outdoor Wedding In An Elegant Tent

A lush garden or landscaped estate can be the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. To house an outdoor wedding, a tent can be rented and installed with many different amenities. Wedding tents can accommodate from 25 to 300 guests with food stations, bars, a dance floor, a stage for live entertainment, and more. Here are some of the different styles of wedding tents that you can rent for your outdoor wedding:

Frame Tents: Frame tents are freestanding structures that can be placed wherever you have a level outdoor area. These tents offer a large amount of interior visibility because there are no center poles obstructing the view. Guest tables, chairs, serving stations, and stages can be placed anywhere they are desired.

Pole Tents:  Pole tents are easy to install and economical. These tents have central poles throughout the tent to hold it up. Poles inside of these tents can be decorated with flowering plants or fabric for an elegant look.

Small Wedding Tent:  For an intimate wedding, you can rent a small frame tent or pole tent that can serve as both a wedding chapel and a wedding reception area. Tables and chairs for guests can be set up along the sides of the tent with a small aisle for the bride and groom to enter and exit. The wedding ceremony can be held at the center of the tent and after the ceremony, guests can use that area for dancing.

Large Wedding Tent:  For a wedding with many guests, you can rent one or more frame or pole tents to be used for different purposes. Dining and dancing can be held in a large wedding tent with a stage for entertainment and a portable wood floor for dancing. Food stations can be set up on the outer edges of a large wedding tent with a dedicated area for guest photography. An additional small tent can be setup next to a large wedding tent for guest to check their coats and to hold wedding gifts.

Children's Tent:  If you have many children included in your wedding guest list, you can rent a small tent just for them. A children's tent can be installed with play areas, video games, and a stage for an entertainer. Children can dine and play in this tent that is placed next to a larger tent for adults.

Promenade Tent:  Another option when hosting an outdoor wedding is to have a covered promenade or walkway that leads guests directly into a wedding tent. This covered walkway is good to have when there is the possibility of inclement weather. Poles on either side of a promenade tent can be decorated with flowers, balloons, ribbons, and/or fabric.

Wedding Tent Windows:  Tent walls on frame tents and pole tents can have windows installed for guests to view the outdoor garden area. These tent windows are made of plastic and can be clear or colored to resemble stained glass. Tent windows can be rolled up when an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape is desired.

Wedding Tent Lighting:  Lights can be installed on the frames and poles of wedding tents to light the canopy top of a wedding tent. You can also string small twinkle lights along the inside canopy of a wedding tent. These lights can be white or colored for a festive effect.

Different amenities and decorations can give your outdoor wedding a formal or casual look. Consult with a wedding planner who can arrange for all of these available options, or contact a rental place, like A Party Place Rentals , for help. With advanced planning and research, you can have the elegant wedding of your dreams that your family and friends will always remember.