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Hi, my name is Courtney Masterson and my friends call me the party girl because I love to plan parties. I've always liked to plan parties and have friends come over to enjoy the fun. My friends are also continually asking me for advice when they plan their own parties. Since I like a lot of variety, I am always researching and thinking up new party themes. I make my own party decorations and plan my own menu for the festivities. If you like planning parties too, please read my blog so you can learn hundreds of tips and tricks for fun and exciting party planning for numerous events.


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Having An Event? Save Time And Energy With A Party Rental Company

No matter what type of event you are having, you are going to need to provide for your guest's comfort. If there will be more people invited than the number you can handle for an extended family dinner you won't have everything you need. You could go and buy everything, but even if money is not an issue you will still need a place to store everything once the event is over. This is where a party rental company comes in handy. While planning the event, make a list of everything you will need. Here are just some of the items you can rent:

Seating and Eating

If the event has any type of entertainment, you will need to have seats for everyone. When you rent them, all the seating will be the same, which will make the atmosphere more pleasing. If food will be served, you can also rent the tables and place settings. Instead of having paper plates, plastic cutlery, and paper napkins you can use regular dishes and silverware, along with cloth napkins. This will reduce the amount of trash that ends up in a landfill and also make the event more special.

Tents or Canopies

Unless you can guarantee the weather will be perfect, no rain and not too hot, you will want to have some type of cover for your guests. A tent should be used if there is a chance of rain or wind, and you can use a canopy if you need shade from the harsh sun.


While the company may not have people to entertain the guests, they do have the equipment necessary. You could rent a stage and sound set up for performers. It is also possible to rent some carnival games and activities. These can be used by any children or by everyone to earn money to go towards your cause. Also, the party rental company may keep a list of the different entertainers in the area. Have a musical group perform, a magician or even a clown perform at the event.

When you rent from a party supply company, you won't have to worry about setting everything up or taking it down. This leaves you with time to make sure that the event goes as planned. Afterwards, you can rest from all the excitement and hard work. As an bonus, you won't have to wash all the dishes.

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