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Considerations When You Rent A Tent For Your Wedding

A wedding is a joyous time in the life of any engaged couple. If you have a desired wedding venue and it does not provide coverage from the elements, you should consider a party tent rental. While this sounds easy enough, you need to think about all the options available and which type of tent will best fit your needs. Here are some considerations.

What Size Do You Need?

While it is difficult to decide how many guests will be at your wedding, particularly in the early stages of wedding planning, try to come up with a ballpark idea so that you are sure to get a tent that will accommodate everyone. Not only will you have enough space, but you will also be able to have a price estimate.

What Type of Tent Do Do You Want?

A tent rental will have a variety of tents to choose from. The most common tents rented for weddings are either pole tents or frame tents.

Pole tents are often more aesthetically pleasing and less expensive. You do not need to cover a frame, nor does it need a liner. Pole tents are faster to set up but must be staked into the ground.

Frame tents can be placed on any surface, including asphalt or concrete. They can be connected together so that you can configure almost any shape you like. There are also no poles in the center. Frame tents are typically more expensive to rent and take longer to set up. You can also see the frame from inside the tent, which may be a concern for your décor.

Do You Want the Extras?

When you rent a tent for your wedding, you need to also think about any extra add-ons you will want. This will add to the cost. A liner is the gathered soft fabric that you may have seen in other wedding tents. However, a liner can add a lot of money to your budget. Walls are also something you want to consider. The walls are either solid, clear, fabric, or cathedral-style. The cathedral-style walls are popular because they appear to look like a true wall with windows. Walls are beneficial as they provide extra protection in bad weather or if it is cold outside. If you are getting married and it is hot, you do not necessarily need the walls, however. If you want a certain look for your tent, walls are a nice addition.

For more information, contact a company that offers party tent rental services.